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Weekly Updates
Hello and welcome to another week of Spring Ridge Acres Insider. We are please to tell you that we are going to continue being on this website and not switching over. The owners are not pleased that they will need to renew the Pro Subscription, but that is okay! Where there is a will, there's a way! Annabelle and Mary are still discussing which breeds to keep and which to get rid of, they are also still trying to decide which horses to keep! Please head over to the Creation Corner and vote on which horses you think they should keep around! Any that are not kept we be placed up for immediate adoption!

Weekly Jabber
Mary looks over at William, "Hey I have a surprise for you!" She runs into the kitchen to grab his birthday cake. "Stay where you are!" She calls over her shoulder. As she is walking back to the entry she doesn't notice one of the cats left their toy in the hall and she slips on it. Right before she makes it to where William waits for her she falls forward and lands on the ground with her face in the cake!
Newsletter 004
Weekly Chit-Chat:
Hello, Mary Saunders here. I am going to be taking over the ranch Newsletter since Annabelle is going to be focusing on her books from now on. She has a lot to do anyways with the the town newspaper and this was just another thing taking away from her kids. I am kind of new around here and I am excited to work on the ranch, I am hoping to bring in a new breed of horses since Spring Ridge is cutting off on one of their breeds soon, I have to talk to Annabelle about that though. Anyways I am still in College with my boyfriend so I have not had any training at the ranch as of yet. I am majoring in Communications and I am almost done! I cannot wait to move to Indulgence Isle and work on the Farm. Check the staff page to learn more about myself and William, my boyfriend!

Ranch Breedings:
None. Spring Ridge Acres will probably not be breeding anytime soon until we cut down on animals and figure what we still want to breed.

Working on building a new ranch for the horses. We would like a lot large enough to fig all the horses on. We will be cutting down on horses and probably only doing special breeding's or focusing on Studding and Competitions in the near future. I have grown tired of trying to adopt out horses in competition with the better coat editors..

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Newsletter 003
Weekly Update:
Long time no update, huh? Spring Ridge has been on a temporary Hiatus as some of you may know. We are expecting to be back up and running by June 1st though when we are able to downgrade our stables. We will not be focusing purely on breeding but on competitions and studding. Spring Ridge will still offer breeding services per request sent in though we might still do a couple foal crops throughout the year. We have not decided yet how we will manage breeding since it has become so hard to adopt out foals lately and I honestly just do not have the time. With this cut back and not doing monthly breeding's expect to see a new breed introduced to the ranch in the near future. No decisions have been made or put on paper but discussions have been discussed and deals have been made, so we will see when we introduce this new breed to the public.

Ranch Breedings:
Since we are no longer planning on doing monthly foal crops we will be taking requests for private breedings between my horses. The requester must fill out the appropriate form on my website (forms are still being made up). We will also be doing Stud Requests where you may breed your mare to one of my stallions at stud. You can find a list herealong with the application. The application form will probably be changed in the near future since I need to update my website anyways.

Weekly Jibber Jabber:
Hugh: "Annabelle where did you put the baby?"
Annabelle: "I thought he was with you?"
Hugh: "No... You were supposed to be watching him while I cleaned the stables!"
Annabelle: "Uh-oh..."
Marigold: "Mom! Dad! What was Henry doing playing in the Hay barrel?"
Spring Ridge Acres is official on Hiatus. I know I never sent out the foals for this month and I probably won't. A lot has been going on for me in real life and I just haven't had the time. I really and truly want to keep doing this because it adds to the Sims 3 in such a different way then just building lots for people. I will continue to do that so please check out my new creation website: Clickie

I will probably be coming back in June or July after I go and visit family. If I do come back, however I will be downsizing immensely so I will still be able to play my regular Sims 3 Games and not always worrying about my horses, you know?

Please stick with me as I will most likely come back. I will send out a message when I do or post here. So keep checking back.

Annabelle Rhodes
Ranch Background:
My name is Valarie Night, I own this Kennel with my Fiancee (in Game), Zac. We first started the ranch with just horses, then moved on to breeding dogs, Now we have multiple Lots. We have all the males and females separated so we do not have any surprise babies, Also we have every breed on a different lot. For example we have Siberian Husky females on one lot and Great Dane females on another.  We have different staff members for each lot, and each live on site so the animals get 24/7 care and affection!

I decided to start this ranch when I was 14 years old, I had always dreamed of owning a bunch of animals that I could see on a daily basis. I didn't really have many friends growing up because my father scared everyone away, so I spent my afternoons making friends with Wild Horses.  One day at a secluded pond a wild Appaloosa horse approached me and thats when I knew I wanted to breed Appaloosa's. He was so gentle and kind and he always came to visit me. He, like all the other horses, didn't judge me. After a month or so of teaching him to trust me He finally let me mount him, and we rode around the woods that evening, It was the most amazing thing to happen to me in a really long time.

On my 18th birthday I left home, I packed the night before so I could sneak out the moment I turned 18, I ran away to Spring Valley where I got myself a job as a bus-boy in the local restaurant. It was here I discovered that I wanted to be a Chef also, I ended up saving all of my wages so I could put myself through Culinary School. After I finished that I kept on working and saving  all the money I could. Eventually I had enough money to buy a lot that was 64 Acres long and wide. It was there I built the first stable. I traveled back home at that point to see my old friend Shadow (The appaloosa). He was still around, hanging out by the pond. I think he missed me. I hated that I abandoned him in my selfish time of need, I would go back to town weekly though to visit him and make sure he didn't forget me. I took him home with me that time, and together we started Spring Ridge Acres.

- - - - - -

Two years later...

My family with Zac became very large and we desperately wanted to live in Indulgence Isle to raise our family and not have to worry about the horses all of the time. We found Annabelle Rhodes who was very interested in starting a Ranch of her own breeding Horses, Dogs, and Cats. She didn't have the resources at all but she had the money. I offered to sell her my ranch as long as she allowed me to stay on hand and help out with the Appaloosa's. She Happily agreed and since then has added to the ranch in such a huge way! She too, has a large family, but apparently she can manage it better then I can. In the short year she has been here, the stable has finally a system where everything is easy to find and the paperwork is all finished and sorted. The employee's actually do their job and do not slack off at all any more. Annabelle has really been a blessing.
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